Family Dental Care Celebrates National Volunteer Week

Caring for our local community is a joy. Over the years, people we talk to let us into their private world and share with us their hopes, dreams and happy occasions. We are privileged to know they feel comfortable with us to tell us about their struggles with cancer, family loss or financial problems.

When I hear that a patient is having problems I want to jump in and help anyway I can. All of us here feel the same way. We know we can’t fix everything but where we can, we provide guidance to get them into free dental treatment (OHFFSS), information, free products or just to be there to listen.

We have a great little community and our patients have remained supportive towards our business. We found a way to provide completely free dental treatment to local people in need – the National Dental Foundation!

This foundation was created by a dentist. In time, other dentists and their staff joined in, including all of us at Family Dental Care and we proudly provide our services as volunteers.

Here is a real story from one of our patients from their point of view:

A Victim of Domestic Violence Smiles Again

25 year old, single mother with teeth damaged and knocked out as a result of domestic violence. “I was often in pain, found eating difficult and was ridiculed or judged by others.”

She accessed the public dental service after 2 years on the waiting list and had all broken teeth removed, leaving a total of 3 teeth. They would do no further work to replace the teeth as it classified dentures as ‘cosmetic dentistry’. ‘It took its toll on both my physical and mental health, my self-esteem was extremely low and it was impossible to eat anything I couldn’t blend or mash…dentures were not just ‘cosmetic’ but a need to improve (my) physical and mental health”.

She was referred to the National Dental Foundation by her caseworker and was able to have the last 3 teeth removed and full dentures made pro bono. “I finally received the proper dental care I so desperately needed, which enabled me to not only maintain the healthy diet of a 25 year old but also to have the confidence to speak and smile again.”

“Words cannot express how grateful I am to have had this experience and opportunity to have been assisted by these services. I would strongly encourage any dentist or investor looking to make a positive difference for those struggling in their community to consider giving the National Dental Foundation a call to see what they can do to become involved in helping to make more members of our society truly smile.”

Here is Dr Shiyab’s thoughts on helping people through this wonderful foundation:

Volunteer Impact

“I feel that it is a privilege to be able to help people regain their smile and enjoy a better future. We, unfortunately, can take it for granted in our day to day lives. They are people who have no other available options. Being able to help resolve their pain, and give them a lovely smile is the best payment for doing this. I strongly recommend joining the program.”

Smile for the day: ‘We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone’ – Ronald Reagan