New Equipment at our Surgery!

We are so excited to have this!

We have just purchased new equipment – a sophisticated handpiece maintenance system called iCare. It is from NSK the makers of our handpieces. The iCare will clean and oil our handpieces (drills) after use so any debris will be completely removed. This will ensure optimum infection control for the inside of the handpiece. This system also cares for the gears and very fine parts of the inside of the NSK handpieces as they all have glass fibre optics inside which are extremely delicate. This equipment also allows us to process up to 4 handpieces at a time. The old system would only allow us to process each handpiece one at a time!

The benefits to our patients

  • Cleans the handpieces inside and out so the previous persons debris is totally removed
  • It oils the handpieces to keep them running smoothly
  • We can then say for sure that it can be sterilised inside and out for your safety

Family Dental Care - Campbelltown - new equipment - handpieces