Loss of Medicare Child Dental Scheme

What will happen? Loss of Medicare Scheme…

The loss of the Medicare scheme will be devastating to our local children. Medicare has a scheme that allows eligible children $1000 every two years for dental services. In the last few years, we have been able to offer desperately needed dental treatment to many children under this scheme. For a majority of the children, it was their first visit due to the financial restraints of the parents or caregivers.

We chose to bulk-bill for these visits, to further help local families.

We have taught children to brush effectively. We have treated abscesses and toothaches in little children. We’ve fixed lots and lots of tooth decay. We have taught parents how to prevent further dental problems by developing good diet and eating habits. We have introduced many little ones to a friendly and happy dental environment. With all of these things we hope will leave cheerful and lasting memories for them.

Family Dental Care - Campbelltown - Loss of Medicare scheme

We find that even 3-year-old children show signs of embarrassment if they have obvious tooth decay or poor oral hygiene. If a child loses a tooth too early, they can have trouble with speech, self-esteem and eating. Even creating serious problems for their unerupted adult teeth.

According to the Australian Dental Association, over 50% of all 6 year olds have experienced tooth decay, and more than 24,000 children under 14 were hospitalised for dental treatment in 2013-14 alone.

Unfortunately, the local government is planning to close this scheme in July 2016, with no firm replacement being considered.

What can you do?

The Australian Dental Association has created a petition that the community can sign to voice their concerns. We have signed it. Let’s hope, that by doing this, we all make a difference to the expected outcome.


This petition will be delivered to:

  • Prime Minister of Australia
    Malcolm Turnbull
  • Federal Minister for Health
    The Hon. Sussan Ley MP
  • Prime Minister
    The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP.